Inglegarth Fell Ponies

Our last Inglegarth Foal was born 2012.....

Our interest in Fell Ponies started by accident in 1988. We bought a cute little

black filly foal and later found out that is was a Registered Fell Pony.

We joined the Fell Pony Society soon after, visiting the Breed Show in 1989. We

have exibited at Fell Pony Society Breed shows since then.

We have won many rosettes in the in hand, ridden and working hunter classes

with homebred ponies.

Esther Maree of Inglegarth  3 October 2016

Photo below. Esther Maree of Inglegarth.  Spring 2016 age 29 with sheep

and lambs. Esther has lived here 27 years...

Inglegarth Celeritas Inglegarth Lady Maree and Inglegarth Prima

Inglegarth group photo 27 April 2015

Inglegarth group 31 October 2014

left to right I.Celeritas, I.Prima, I.Lady Esther, Esther Maree of I, I.Lady Maree.

 L to right. At the gate seen something interesting. I.Lady Esther, I.Prima,

Esther Maree of I, I.Lady Maree and I.Celeritas

Inglegarth Prima

Our truly homebred pony her sire and dam and grand-dams on both sides were

bred here by us. Sire Inglegarth Premier ~ Dam Inglegarth Agnes we do not

 in /line breed here at Inglegarth. We think ponies are healthier and more level

headed if they are not closely related!

 2010 Supreme Champion South Cumbria Fell Pony Show.

Supreme Champion Inglegarth Prima.

Showing is not the main reason we keep Fells but it is nice to win with

a homebred pony.

 Inglegarth Ladies 25 July 2012

left to right Inglegarth Alpha, Inglegarth Lady Esther, Inglegarth Prima,

Inglegarth Lady Maree.



Inglegarth Ponies

Group of homebred Inglegarth Ponies

LtoR   Inglegarth Lady winifred, Inglegarth Alpha, Inglegarth Solo

(sire of Inglegarth Fanfare I.Yordas and I.Duo) and

Inglegarth Agnes (dam of Inglegarth Renaissance and Inglegarth Prima).

Inglegarth Lady Winifred was the first Fell that we bred and the

other three are her off spring.


Leading six ponies in from the field at the same time is not the easiest

thing to do but my girls are willing to help.

Some walk faster than others and not always the youngest are the fast ones!

photo below from left to right Inglegarth Esteem, Esther Maree of Inglegarth,

Inglegarth Lady Esther, Inglegarth Prima, Inglegarth Alpha and

Inglegarth Lady Maree.


                       Some of my ponies will never have an illustrious

                        showing career, they would rather stay at home

                         in the herd ! You never know who may drop by!


                                                Fell Ponies have become part of my life.

                                                  They make me smile everyday ! 

Girls group 4 October 2014

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